Easy dinner idea

   For nights when you don’t have much energy to cook this is a great healthy meal I like to make.  Kai See Ming Brown 500g mince Add packet of coleslaw (best way to avoid cutting veggies when too tired) 2 chopped zucchinis or other veggies if you like 1 sachet of chicken noodle soup and half cup water 2tbs of soy sauce. Serve with your choice of rice. Can always be the pre cooked packs from supermarket. Be sure to make extra to freeze. K.  Advertisements Continue reading Easy dinner idea

Some news…

sorry I haven’t written for so long. It seems I’ve been preoccupied growing a baby. I’m now 18 weeks along and extremely happy and nervous for how my body will go.  The decision to go ahead and try to have a baby was a very hard one involving a lot of tears and frustration. I just wanted to be one of those excited healthy people looking forward to starting a family but instead it was a lot of waiting, health checks and talking about what could go wrong and worst case senario. I was actually quite convinced that my body … Continue reading Some news…

Pencil it in

lately I’ve been a bit extra tired so have started saying to everyone when trying to organise social things or anything non essential that I’ll pencil it in for this date and will see how my energy reserves go and confirm the night before. This has been great as there is no pressure for me to push myself to do something if I’m not up to it and I don’t have to let anyone down as they are pre warned and the date isn’t locked in. Sometimes if I have too many things booked in I get really stressed if … Continue reading Pencil it in

Beauty routine energy saving tips

Since becoming unwell I probably have a bigger beauty routine than before, I find being inside with heating and air con doesn’t do my skin any favors and I tend to look exhausted. Even though that’s what I feel like on the inside I enjoy looking slightly alive in the outside. The only problem is that this takes previous energy and if I’m not having a good day I can’t hang out standing in the bathroom for long at all. So here is my energy saving tips. * do as little in the bathroom as possible, only things that require … Continue reading Beauty routine energy saving tips

Drink for water haters

   I really struggle to drink enough water, I don’t know why but I hate it . Drinking water is definatly something I think is important for anyone but especially when your body isn’t well. I’ve had to be creative so I actually drink enough. Lately I’ve found frozen pineapple at the supermarket, not too expensive either. It’s great at flavouring water, I put mine in soda water for dinner time rather than having soft drink which I used to do. Also keeps drink cold and you get to eat them when finished 😃.  k.  Continue reading Drink for water haters

Health update

at the moment I’m doing pretty well in my bubble of energy. I’m able to clean the house, feed my horses, go out to lunches or shops, walk for 15 minutes etc. usually I do 1-2 of these type of activities each day depending on how I’m feeling. The rest of the day is spent sleeping and watching crappy TV but I’m so glad I can get out by myself now.  If I stay in my bubble I’m ok and don’t have to feel absolutely awful all the time, it’s only when I step out of it that I’m reminded … Continue reading Health update

Oops haven’t been exercising

the conversation regarding chronic fatigue and exercise is impossible. I think it’s really just important to work out what is best for you as everyone’s bodies are different as are our illnesses. When I first got sick I didn’t exercise for a long time though was pretty much incapable of it for most of that time anyways and the rest of the time I would bust my butt attempting and failing at a couple of hours work.  I developed some form of movement disorder where I couldn’t control my legs and also had tremors in my hands, for a short … Continue reading Oops haven’t been exercising

I wouldn’t be, but I want to be. 

I’ve been having major envy lately of all these people out there in their active wear walking and running. It’s funny because though I was a very active person pre-illness with my horses I never wanted to go for a power walk and defiantly not a run. There is no way I’d be joining those people if I were well but right now I’d just love to be able to and know that I could if I wanted to.  k.  Continue reading I wouldn’t be, but I want to be.